The Apologist      al-Masih for All

Equipping the church world wideĀ to skilfully engage with theĀ Muslim mind

With some training You can become a great apologist and a master of dialogue.

Learn from Jesus who was the greatest apologist to ever live!

Benefit from Bassem's expertise as an apologist for more than 17 years. 

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How to Introduce Muslims to Christ

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Hi, I'm Bassem


My wife and I have been doing ministry with Muslims for the last 20 years.  Please take advantage of everything we have learned. We have already made so much available for you right here online. 

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Course One

Christian Faith Essentials:
Tools for Effective Muslim Dialogue
Strengthen your apologetic skills and your essential theological understanding in the context of their relevance to a Muslim mindset and perspective. Discover how to address the Muslim understanding of Forgiveness, Grace, and Sin. 
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Course Two

Islam and Muslims:
A Serious Study with an Authoritative Muslim Perspective
This course takes a close look at what Islam teaches about essential elements of the Muslim faith. Not only will you learn about the centrality of their faith in Allah and Muhammad and their faith in the Quran and other holy texts, you will also learn what the Qur'an teaches about Christianity, Christians and Jews, the Bible, main prophets and especially Jesus Christ.
Moreover, this course uniquely offers an in-depth study of the Six Pillars of Faith in Islam from the perspective of the theological writings of Ibn Taymiyyah, one of the most authoritative Sheikhs of Sunni Islam.
This course also provides a special lecture as an orientation to the Muslim people, teaching you how to relate to them easily.
The last couple lectures also explain the unique challenges
Islam presents for a Western Culture.
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Course Three

My Defense:
Answering Islamic Critiques of the Bible
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